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A gallery of shots of the Manhattan skyline made from several locations on the New Jersey shore: the boat basin, the Binghamton Tennis Club in Edgewater, NJ, and from the piers in Hoboken.
Skyline 1 (22 of 28)Southern SkylineSkyline 1 (21 of 28)NYC Skyline - B&W PanoramicSkyline 1George Washington BridgeGW - ColorSkyline 1 (25 of 28)Skyline 1 (24 of 28)Skyline 1 (27 of 28)Skyline 1 (28 of 28)Palisades and SkyNJ PalisadesNJ Palisades - BWPalisades WaterfallSkyline 1 (12 of 28)Skyline 1 (13 of 28)St. Patrick's CathedralSkyline 1 (16 of 28)Skyline 1 (17 of 28)

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Lesley (Movie Master)(non-registered)
Fabulous photos, I envy you your wonderful talent!
I will look forward to seeing more.
Best wishes
Audrey Hunt (vocalcoach)(non-registered)
Magnificent gallery ~

I will be sharing your exquisite photos with friends.

Thank you for sharing your gift ~

Audrey Hunt
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